Pro Steel Series


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The Ultimate Endurance Racing Rocker


You could make a strong argument that out of all forms of racing, endurance racing is the most stressful on a valvetrain. Endless hours running at 9000+ RPM, constant gear changes and intense operating conditions compromise the fatigue life of even the best aluminum rocker arm. Through extensive engineering and FEA analysis, Jesel has designed a steel bodied rocker with less deflection and a better moment of inertia than similar aluminum rockers. These advancements allow engine builders the opportunity to develop a more aggressive cam profile and valvetrain package.  

All Jesel Pro-Steel rocker systems are custom engineered for your specific application utilizing critical details such as spring rates, lobe lifts, pushrod angles and ratio requirements. The rocker geometry is designed to minimize roller movement on the valve tip. Each rocker body is manufactured from premium forged steel alloy and undergoes a through hardened heat treating process for durability. All of the steel components are processed with REM/ISF® Isotropic Superfinish to remove asperities inherent in the manufacturing process and to safely remove microscopic peaks, greatly reducing points at which stress fractures can begin. 

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Pro Steel Series Benefits

  • Lower moment of inertia

  • Less deflection

  • Extended service life

Stiffer and stronger than their aluminum counterparts

Jesel Pro Steel Rockers are 35.2% stiffer and have a 6.4% lower moment of inertia than a similar Big Block Chevy Sportsman Series Rocker


  • GM R07

  • GM SB2.2

  • GM LS1

  • GM LS7

  • GM BBC

  • GM DRCE 3

  • Ford C3

  • Ford D3

  • Dodge P7

  • Dodge P8

  • Dodge Pro Stock Hemi

  • TRD Phase 9/14

  • BBC Spread Port Exhaust

  • All Pro 13°

  • All Pro 11°

  • All Pro LSW-12

  • Brodix 11x / ASCS

  • Brodix AK 13°

  • Brodix FF 11°

  • Edelbrock LS-R

  • Edelbrock SC-1

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Pro Steel Series Options

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Our Rocker Story

When Chevrolet introduced its small-block V8 in 1955 one of its highly praised features was its lightweight stamped steel rocker system. With little more than a factory Duntov solid lifter cam a 7,000rpm redline was realistic. This economic valvetrain had its limits though. As long as mild seat pressures of around 100 pounds were used with low-lift hydraulic or flat tappet cams, life was good. As aftermarket cam manufacturers started grinding higher lifts, the rocker’s shortcomings began showing up. First, the rockers bottomed-out on the rocker studs because the slots were too short, then as spring pressures increased the studs pulled or broke out of the head bosses. The fixes came both from the aftermarket and GM.

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